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Hot4SEO - Search Engine Optimization and Consultancy

Hot4SEO is Munich search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy that offers services on search engine optimization for your website to be successful. Hot4SEO uses proven SEO techniques of website optimization and latest industry information on utilizing the Internet to make your business grow.

The success of a website is to be found on search engines for the products or services you are offering to your customers. The more visitors you get on your website the more customers you will have. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) helps to ensure that your site appears higher in the search results pages and improves the chances that the site will be found by users.

Hot4SEO consultants understand the complex dynamics of search engine optimization and offer assistance on how to improve your placements on search engines. In its Munich office Hot4SEO delivers website optimization full services palette, as well as educating webmasters, business owners and SEO practitioners on website optimization topics.

Hot4SEO is a complete, one-stop resource for all your web business optimization needs. Within the pages of this site you will find tutorials, references, industry news and discussions on search engine optimization. To consider your case individually and propose a suitable website optimization possibilities contact us.


SEO Industry News

PR sculpting via the use of the NOFOLLOW attribute was dealt a severe blow recently by the admission by Matt Cutts of Google that their algorithm ignores this attribute when distributing link juice to outbound pages. This is causing a bit of a stir among the SEO community as it was seen as a very useful technique to perform more than just PR sculpting.